Smart Watch Guide

Out with the old

After seeing all of the high tech gadgets at Iron Man's disposal the idea of owning a smart watch became more certain. Especially because smaller and more compact objects can be computerized now.  Wrist watches have been apart of our fashion, and our devotion to accessorizing since 1868. Its time to make it have more functionality. The ability to read time has been passed on to our smart phones, so watches have become quite obsolete. Well the old ones, but these new ones are worth blogging about.

In with the new

Apple 42mm Smart Watch - $320.95

The Apple smart watch comes with an aluminum chassis for the best durability, and protection. Ion-X glass for a scratch resistant screen. Assuring you to not worry too much about the safety of your new smart watch. A heart rate monitor is also included for those of you that love running and need to hit the target heart rate constantly. Siri is most definitely integrated and will keep you company... maybe. The Apple watch allows you to move the apps from your phone to your wrist and to do what you want without the need to remove your phone from your pocket. Using the Taptic engine you can tap on your wrist to alert you of new notifications. They are different ways to tap that distinguishes between a call or a text.You will not even be required to look at your watch.

Pebble Time Smartwatch Black - $56.98

Pebble Time is a much cheaper alternative smart watch you should consider buying specifically because it is compatible with IOS and Android.

  • Notifications such as calendar events, texts, and calls
  • Includes a feature called Pebble Health that allows you to monitor your self
  • Built in microphone for replaying to text, or making notes
  • Magnetic charging
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • Color e-paper backlit

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Gunmetal Gray 41mm Smart Watch - $179.99

ASUS is my all time favorite company. I completely trust their brand. I bought my first laptop from them back in 2008 and its still working. Whenever I decide to upgrade my tech I go to ASUS. I currently upgraded my phone to the Zenfone 3, but that is a review for a different day. Anyway I have fan boyed about ASUS enough lets get into the specs on the ASUS ZenWatch 2.

  • Compatible with IOS, and Android
  • Super charger! 60% in 15 minutes
  • Gorilla Glass for scratch resistance
  • Water resistance up to 1 meter under water
  • 4GB storage
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in pedometer

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