How To SEO In Blogger

Search Engine Optimization For Blogger

Today I will teach you how to SEO your blog, so you can start bringing in more traffic. As a computer science major, and web developer it is important that I should know how to do SEO if I ever decide to make my own website. What is the point of a website if it gets zero viewers right? I will be explaining everything in relation to blogger. If you have your blog through blogger then I suggest you pay close attention.

Quality Content Creation

Google will automatically crawl your website within 6 weeks. During the time you need to be constantly putting up quality content. First I have to explain to you what quality content is.

Content Related Headers

The way Google crawls a website is first it looks for headers. You have to make sure your header is related to what you are writing about. If you are writing about chocolate, and your header says "How To Build A Computer" then you will have an issue. The reason why is because once you get index people will be looking up how to build a computer, but will read about chocolate. That will ruin your reputation and it could have a negative impact on your ranking.

Quality Content Writing

The second thing that Google will start looking through is the actual content. A few tips to improve your content. First do not load the content with keywords on purpose. It sounds very unnatural, and can in fact cause Google to black list you or rank you lower in the index. Write naturally as if you are trying to explain something in detail, then the keywords will naturally be written out without you forcing it. Just for a traffic builder, but if you can expand this quality into a higher quantity, then it will attract more readers in general. Also Google likes it if you have a good quantity of content, as long as it is not bad.

SEO & Images 

You have written a great blog, with the perfect headers, but you are missing some images. So you find a beautiful picture of some chocolate and you insert it.

Brown Chocolate bar

It looks beautiful, and it makes your blog look that much more attractive. You're not done yet because Google will index those images, and you need to know how to SEO them. You will click on the image, and a menu will appear at the very bottom. It will show you different sizes, and whether you want to align it to the left, right, or center. At the very right it will say properties, and you will click it. Once you click properties an alt text section will appear. You need to write and describe what the picture is. Lets say a blind person visits your website how will you describe them the picture that you see with your eyes? That is how you should write in the alt tags.

How To Properly Label Your Blog

You've finished writing the perfect blog, and now you need to put labels in it. At the very right of the screen it says post settings, and right underneath it says labels. That is what you will be focusing on. You will want labels to be long trailing keywords. A long trailing keyword is a key word that is around 4 words long. They are so important because these type of keywords remove vagueness from your blog. For example you saw a cool video of a person eating chocolate, and 3 months later you will try to remember what the video name was, but you can not remember to save your life. The next thing you do is go to your favorite search engine and type a sentence describing that exact video. 

You can also use Google keyword-planner to find the most competitive, and not competitive keywords that best suite your blog post.

A Powerful Search Description

This is important not only for Google to index it, but you need lure in possible viewers. You have to describe just enough about the blog without giving away too much, and to make the reader want to click on it.

Best Blogger Settings

Basic - Once you are in the Blogger settings in the basic tab. You will want to have a title for your blog, and a description.

Search preferences - You will write a meta description. Meta descriptions are not seen, they are crawled by Google.

You will also want to make a site map for the custom robots.txt.
A site map in general is a directory of your entire website. It has every link that leads to every page within your website. For Blogger it is a little different, so you will want to use a sitemap creation service specifically for Blogger. Then you will copy and paste it in the custom robots.txt section.

Search Engine Submitting

The only search engines you should consider submitting to is Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Do not submit to any other directories, or unpopular search engines because Google might blacklist you. Being blacklisted means you disappear from search results, which can be very discouraging.

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