Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe 5.7-inch Honest Review

Asus ZenFone 3

I received the ZenFone 3 Deluxe 5.7-inch for my birthday, and after several of months of use I can give my honest review about this phone. I will be doing the review in a format where it will be from 1-10 for a specific category. Where 1 is absolutely terrible  and 10 is perfect. Lets get started!

Physical Quality & Aesthetic - Overall Score 9.1/10

  • Dimension - 6.16" x 3.05" x 0.30"  10/10
The screen takes up 79% of the entire phone. The width is not too uncomfortably high, so phone handling is very easy. My favorite is how thin the ZenFone 3 it is the perfect thickness to provide a sleek and portable look, but without making it look flimsy. I know that the bend test was a popular thing last year or in 2015, but ASUS has built the ZenFone 3 Deluxe to be all metal so it should be more resistant. The dimension have never been a problem for me so I rate them 10/10

  • Color and Color Quality 10/10
I have the most popularly advertised model that is Glacier Silver and of course this is all preference, but after months of use there is absolutely no wear at all.

  • Style & Placing 7.2/10
Bevel around the edge of the entire phone to make it look ergonomic. 10/10

Microphone is placed under near the phone, and it is difficult to have someone hear you when you speak to them. The microphone should either be moved somewhere more appropriate, or upgrade the microphone quality. 6/10

Volume buttons are slightly too close to power button, and I mix them up. My fingers are average sized, not big fingers. 8/10 

Audio jack is too close to camera. This is a problem because if you want to use this phone as a video camera, and want to use an external microphone the mic will get in the way of the camera. 8/10

Rear camera is sticking out too much and a case is required, so you wouldn't damage the camera.

Camera Quality - Overall Score 8.9/10

  • Rear Camera 7.5/10
92 Mega Pixel Mode Super Resolution 7/10
The picture is so huge that there is a giant pause that require absolute stability or else the picture gets ruined. You can only successfully use this mode if you are using a phone tripod.

23 Mega Pixel Mode 4:3 Ratio 8.5/10
Smooth pictures. Quality is very high to a certain distance. I wouldn't recommend trying to take super far pictures because the object will not be of quality. 

16 Mega Pixels Mode 16:9 Ratio 7/10
Recommended for close up pictures. Quality is significantly reduced. 

  • Front Camera 10/10
8 Mega Pixel Mode 10/10
This is only 10/10 if you do selfies, and nothing else.

6 Mega Pixel Mode 10/10
As good as 6 Mega Pixels is going to get.

  • Rear Video Recording Quality 9.3/10
4K 3840 x 2160 30 FPS 9/10
Very good for slow scenery shots. Not good for fast motions because it becomes too choppy.

1080p 60 FPS 10/10
This is smooth and beautiful recording. Not choppy at all.

1080p 30 FPS 9/10
Choppy only if you record fast motion.

picture of a lizard
Picture taken using the Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe 5.7

User Interface & Reliability -  Overall Score 9.3/10

Finger Print 9/10
It works perfectly, but if the tiniest amount of sweat or dirt that gets on it then it does not work.

Screen Responsiveness 9/10
Out of several months of use there has been a hand full of moments when my screen would not respond to what I was trying to have it do.

RAM 6GB 10/10
Could always use more...

CPU 10/10
More is always better.

Random shut downs 8/10
It has randomly restarted 3 times which is not good.

Battery life - 10/10
I could have the phone on 30% and have it last me all day. It only takes 40 minutes to recharge to 60%

The phone does have many more features that I have not had the need to use, so I wanted to talk about the most popular and constantly used features that I have been using.

Overall Score 9.1/10

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